Friday, April 8, 2016

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Do you like short stories?

Do you like stories that take you to new places?

If so, then we think you'll enjoy Frequency Jumper and Other Stories

This collected work of short stories by Billy D Manus II will make your mind wonder and travel to new lands and far off places.  Half fiction and half science fiction.  This book has something for everyone.
"Billy D Manus II has composed an enticing and entertaining compilation of short stories in “Frequency Jumper & Other Stories.”

The first of this collection is part of the title, ‘Frequency Jumper.’ It’s a great story to jump off from, 2 paragraphs in and your intrigued, 10 and you’re hooked. A young man gets hired by an obscure branch of the Army that implants a device in his spine that enables him to jump through time utilizing the Radio Frequencies established between two radios. It’s an intriguing idea, one that compels the Sci-Fi inclined mind.

The following stories jump off from there, varying in degrees of depth, length and even content. We travel with aliens, invade a world; find Eden and so much more. There were several stories that I felt could be fleshed out, made into complete novels, though these teasers are certainly satisfying.
Unique and expressive, each is written in a slightly different voice – a talent that conveys literary skill that can be appreciated."
Digital and Print Versions Available

This dramatic thriller, short story will take your breath away.  It starts out with a whisper in the ear and a married couple whom we will never know by name.  A marriage on the rocks, not enough income leads to despair and a whole lot of bad choices.

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