Friday, April 8, 2016

MONEY & FINANCES - Keep more money in your pocket

You don't always need money to make more money.  The books on this page feature ways in which you can earn more money, how to get a car for free, how to use your vehicle to make money, various things you can get for free, how to live rent free, and more. 

Discover all of the things you've been missing!

 60 Cost Free Ways To Make Money

This book features sixty cost free complete ideas with how to get started and marketing information. Just imagine earning money without spending any first.

1,016 Ways to Make Money When You Are BROKE!

With the job market shrinking and the need to earn money, you have to be creative. This book will help you with that creativity by offering you , potential job opportunities that you can make a go of. 

 How to Get A Car For FREE!
"I received an advanced copy of How To Get A Car For FREE a few weeks ago.  After reading this amazing book about how to get a car my husband and I were actually in need of a car to get back and forth to work.  We read the Bonus section and decided to sell our furniture and antiques since we were in the process of moving anyways; I've never did anything so drastic in my life.

We had enough cash to purchase a vehicle outright.  I wanted to personally thank BD Manus for his wonderful advice. If anyone were in need of a vehicle for free, I would personally suggest they purchase a copy of this book.  It's well worth it."  - Gratefully T. Coburn

 How to Dropship Your Way to Millions

The Wonderful world of drop shipping can provide you with a steady income for life. When I first started selling on Ebay, I started as a drop shipper with just the knowledge I read about. I made a lot of mistakes, had a lot of regrets, but I also made a whole lotta money! 

Get More Free America!

In a time where costs are at an all time high, people tend to look for things that will save them money. Get More Free America, second edition, is a directory of hundreds of sources of products and services that you don’t have to pay for. 

 Grants and Loans for Students, Businesses and Non-Profits

Grants & Loans for Students, Businesses, & Non-Profits is a fresh look on the grant and loan scene. Introducing you to new ways to find the funding you need for your college student or organization. 

 Live Rent Free At Any Age!

For nothing more than your time, you can live in a Castle in Germany, a Chateau in the South of France, a Penthouse in New York City, in a Beach House on the California coast, a Mansion in England, or a Ranch in Montana? 

Ten Unusual Ways to Make Money with Your Vehicle

Having extra, disposable income sometimes is the key to our survival, especially through difficult times. Many people don’t know that they can use their personal vehicles to earn money. I’m not talking about a title loan, I would never entertain such brutalities as those types of places. 

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