Fall / Winter 2022 Upcoming Titles

  • Grants and Loans for Businesses and Non-profits, 5th edition
  • Directory of Free and Low Cost Health Care in the United States, 8th edition
  • 2023 – 2024 The Complete U.S. Citizenship Naturalization Study Guide, 1st edition

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1997 – Founded as an information collection database.

2000 – 2006 – Manus Publishing leaped into the Small Mail Order Business with hundreds of products and several advertising newsletters.

2007 – Manus Publishing celebrates its 10th year of operation.

2008 – Manus Publishing purchases the content rights of thousands of materials, software programs, and more.

2012 – Manus Publishing inters into the book publishing business and celebrates its 15th year of operation.

2014 – Manus Publishing purchases Ingenious Office Solutions and Gold Star Brands. Later that year, Gary’s Brand is created for its audio/video products.

2017 – Manus Publishing celebrates its 20th year of operation.

2019 – Manus Publishing releases its 35th book and offers books in English, Spanish and French, on multiple selling platforms.

2022 – Manus Publishing celebrates its 25th continuous year of operation.

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